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 FMD articles
Foot and Mouth Disease articles

Living in the heart the Devon 'hot spot' Richard Gard was commissioned by the Veterinary Times to write a series of first hand account weekly articles on the social and economic impact of the Foot and Mouth Disease epidemic on family farms in his area, starting in March 2001.

The articles were written as the epidemic developed and highlight many of the concerns and experiences at the time. 

Contact from agents or publishers with an interest in a further publication would be welcomed. The social impact of disease control is an important developing area.

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View or download the FMD articles

All articles in Adobe Acrobat PDF format; alternatively you can download the entire set of articles in PDF format as a ZIP file.

You will need to have Adobe's Acrobat PDF Reader installed on your computer to view the articles. Click a link to view an article.

To download a file, right-click on the link and choose 'Save Target as' from the pop-up menu. File sizes are small and range from 8-11KB.

If you haven't got Acrobat Reader you can download it.

The whole set of 40 article (PDF files in a ZIP file 214KB)

01 Day 42 & Counting

02 The Dairy Farmers View

03 ‘It’s getting to me too’

04 Contiguous Cull Disease

05 The Appliance of Science

06 Here comes the matchstick man

07 Defining the voice of experience

08 100 Days & On

09 Devil in the detail

10 Combining Science and Human Awareness

11 Serious questions and no real answers

12 A Policemans lot

13 Living in the zone

14 A bakers dozen

15 Normal service being resumed

16 Culling the combine

17 No pitchforks at the church

18 Action and reaction

19 The people versus Foot & Mouth

20 Disinfectant for breakfast

21 Uttermost care

22 Bring on the third umpire

23 Hurrah for Bishop Bronescombe

24 Touching wood

25 Selling Miss March

26 Seeing the full picture

27 On form and fit to farm

28 Baffled by Biosecurity

29 Vibrating Machine Operatives

30 Speaking the written word

31 Inventing the future

32 Grunting and Groaning

33 Freedom – well almost

34 The right image

35 Whistlemas

36 Oh Yes it is

37 Blowing in the wind

38 Blaming the children

39 Before and After

40 Debating the triptych

These articles are made available with the kind permission of the Editor of Veterinary Times.

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