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Richard Gard Associates is engaged in the broad topic of rural living, animal health, agriculture and human health...

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Writing commissionsOne of the important aspects to us is to be able to take technical subjects and produce a combination of words that allows understanding, without the reader putting the piece aside to read later. Many professionals have a stack of unread literature that might have been ‘of interest’.


 There are many innovative ways to improve communication and we work alongside people with special skills. We have combined with the theatrical faculty of a university on two projects to explore the social effects of recession in agriculture and the impact on young veterinary surgeons from work place pressures that are related to the high level of suicide. Currently we are completing a film about a new development in the understanding about wildlife and disease in cattle.






Copies of an article written over a year ago has been requested by a professional association for discussion within their council to help form law changing proposals.




It is surprising how apparently minor presentations on technical matters can have strong effects if the subject is easily understood. It can be beneficial to take a sideways look at a subject and it is not always appropriate to have an introduction, middle and conclusions. The fact that someone is reading about a topic probably indicates that they already know something about it.




Projects: Anyone who has tendered for funded projects from the EU or UK Government will recognise how frustrating it is when the work is completed and then there is a long period of no contact. The funding is agreed, invoices are paid but the work does not appear to be valued, there is no ongoing excitement or discussions about what to do next. We overcame that with the Traceability Project by building in the hosting of the CD for small businesses on this web site. Contact was received from people with an interest in the topic, which has lead to discussions and developments. 



We welcome participation in other projects as well as developing our own initiatives. Commercial projects with a clear endpoint are probably the most straightforward to develop but our experience with technical and educational projects for public bodies is ongoing and we have the patience to cope.








Consultancy: It is rare for a complete stranger to make contact and ask for ‘consultancy’. Occasionally a stranger has talked to a client and been referred but most of this work develops from the projects or writing. All three intermingle and support each other. At a conference, workshop or meeting consultancy work develops from a shared interest in a topic or collaborative work.


The rural road accidents work has lead to observations for a planning authority about agricultural road use and accident avoidance and advisors to food businesses have requested support to assess risks. The whole area of disease and where it comes from is increasingly of interest to a wide range of individuals, organisations and businesses with various levels of initial understanding. A repeated view is something like ‘I think I know what goes on with my

plot but I’m not sure what happens over the hedge’.


Consultancy work is often interdisciplinary and engages topics spanning agriculture, animal health, biotechnology and rural issues.


Richard Gard is principal of Richard Gard Associates Ltd and Director of the Institute of Agricultural Medicine & Rehabilitation (AGMED).


Contact Richard to discuss your ideas and proposals.

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